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Redesigning our lives

Ancient cultures respected nature and believed to be connected with everything around them. They would teach each other to be friends with the animals and plants, and to revere the sky, the sea and the earth as our divine family. Then progress advanced even further, and in many parts of the world we changed our way to see it all. The once revered, sometimes adored, nature became a large series of resources that could be exploited for economy and culture.

History is a pendulum, and now it's starting to swing back again. Our actions are destroying the environment and more and more people agree with the famous Native American chief quotation, that when there is no longer the river, the forest and the eagle, "white man would realize that he cannot eat money". Read More...

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Cars: how to keep it green

Our vehicles are among the main sources of pollution and environmental damage, and for a number of reasons. Perhaps the most obvious and well known of them is air pollution, with exhaust gases releasing toxic substances every second, and this causing a wide variety of environmental trouble and even health hazzards. From acid rain to lung cancer, from the greenhouse effect to even forming a smog filter that prevents good UV rays from reaching our skin and making it produce the very necessary vitamin D. Cars pollute the environment in other ways, because they create waste, and even become waste themselves when they are no longer used. Noise pollution and running over wildlife are among the minor contributions of cars to the overall damage to the environment.

In our current civilization and lifestyle, we need vehicles to carry us from point A to point B, so we need to find a way around all this pollution. Using less vehicles has been suggested as a solution, from increasing the use of group transportation like public services, to switching to greener means of transportation like bicycles. However, even if all these measures make sense and help reduce the impact of transportation in the environment, there are things we can do so we keep driving our cars, just with less environmental impact. Read More...

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Tackling corporate responsibility

Social and environmental awareness are increasingly valorated in people's mindsets nowadays, and both governments and consumer's intent are starting to reward displays of corporate responsibility. From tax deductible donations to reduced bills for green energy usage, government offices make it more and more interesting for companies to contribute to the environment. Also, an image of awareness and environmentally friendly practices and products is likely to increase sales, especially among certain demographics. For this reason, any measure taken by any business aiming to preserve the environment can be exploited as a marketing resource.

In some cases, companies need to make changes to their own structures or even add whole new departments or sections in order to make their own activities greener. However, in some other cases, changes that increase rentability or reliability of the service can at the same time be more environmentally frienly, thus killing two birds with one rock.  Read More...

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