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Ancient cultures respected nature and believed to be connected with everything around them. They would teach each other to be friends with the animals and plants, and to revere the sky, the sea and the earth as our divine family. Then progress advanced even further, and in many parts of the world we changed our way to see it all. The once revered, sometimes adored, nature became a large series of resources that could be exploited for economy and culture.

History is a pendulum, and now it's starting to swing back again. Our actions are destroying the environment and more and more people agree with the famous Native American chief quotation, that when there is no longer the river, the forest and the eagle, "white man would realize that he cannot eat money". Read More...

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Operation Climate Control Mag is doing a fantastic job by providing the latest updates on climate change. I’m very impressed with the efforts they have put in for providing readers with first-rate information and climate change news.

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I have always been an avid supporter of environmental issues such as global warming and climate change. With the commencement of this website pioneered by Operation Climate Control Mag, I have a lot more knowledge on these issues than I had earlier.

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