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Cars: how to keep it green

Our vehicles are among the main sources of pollution and environmental damage, and for a number of reasons. Perhaps the most obvious and well known of them is air pollution, with exhaust gases releasing toxic substances every second, and this causing a wide variety of environmental trouble and even health hazzards. From acid rain to lung cancer, from the greenhouse effect to even forming a smog filter that prevents good UV rays from reaching our skin and making it produce the very necessary vitamin D. Cars pollute the environment in other ways, because they create waste, and even become waste themselves when they are no longer used. Noise pollution and running over wildlife are among the minor contributions of cars to the overall damage to the environment.

In our current civilization and lifestyle, we need vehicles to carry us from point A to point B, so we need to find a way around all this pollution. Using less vehicles has been suggested as a solution, from increasing the use of group transportation like public services, to switching to greener means of transportation like bicycles. However, even if all these measures make sense and help reduce the impact of transportation in the environment, there are things we can do so we keep driving our cars, just with less environmental impact.

Green cars like electric cars and biofuel cars are still under development. They do exist, yet they still have to reach the performance and convenience of your good old petrol car. Until technology catches up, here are some things you can do with your car to make it run greener.

Alternative fuel

Even if electric cars are still a thing, there is good reason why practically nobody owns one. With the technology we have today, we still have a way to go to reach a point where electric cars become a thing. They don't perform as well as petrol cars do, mostly because of autonomy problems. They can run for very few hours before needing to spend the whole night charging like a phone with a worn out battery. And you just don't want to see the electricity bills after that.

Electric cars do have their advantages, like zero air pollution and very low noise levels, but they still have a way to go. Still, alternative fuels are perhaps the best way to reduce the impact of your car in the environment.

The closer we have to a green alternative fuel is LPG, and an LPG conversion is actually a good idea when you think about it. Conversion itself might be a bit costly, but LPG is so much cheaper than petrol that you might even get your investment back within the first year, depending on how much you drive. Even if LPG cars do emit exhaust gases, these are far less toxic than petrol exhaust, so LPG is a greener option indeed.

Car maintenance

Once you have performed your LPG conversion, your car will need maintenance, so you should find an LPG expert garage who can run routine checks on your system and make sure it works at its full potential. BIG LPG and other places of the like often offer this service.

But the importance of maintenance doesn't stop there. Routine maintenance is fundamental, not only because it will prevent breakdowns and wearing damage, but also because it will decrease the negative environmental impact of your vehicle. Poorly maintained cars will burn oil and release heavy exhaust to the air, contribute to noise pollution, and even have leaks that might pollute the ground and water. Also, poorly functioning cars will not be as efficient, so they will consume more fuel, thus adding up to pollution as well as speeding up the process of total consumption of fuel resources.

Keeping up with the routine manteinance of your car will be possitive at many levels. You will be protecting the environment and being more responsible towards the planet in which you live, and you will also end up saving in your bills. A well maintained car will cause you less trouble, need less expensive repairs and be less likely to leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere or needing to hire taxis or rent a car for a long period until it gets fixed.

Find a reliable garage and run your routine maintenance as often as you are told. It might look like an unnecessary expense and trouble, but in the end you will see it will pay off.

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