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Paper shredding Kent services

Tackling corporate responsibility

Social and environmental awareness are increasingly valorated in people's mindsets nowadays, and both governments and consumer's intent are starting to reward displays of corporate responsibility. From tax deductible donations to reduced bills for green energy usage, government offices make it more and more interesting for companies to contribute to the environment. Also, an image of awareness and environmentally friendly practices and products is likely to increase sales, especially among certain demographics. For this reason, any measure taken by any business aiming to preserve the environment can be exploited as a marketing resource.

In some cases, companies need to make changes to their own structures or even add whole new departments or sections in order to make their own activities greener. However, in some other cases, changes that increase rentability or reliability of the service can at the same time be more environmentally frienly, thus killing two birds with one rock. 

It is interesting to survey which improvements you could make to your business that have that added value of corporate responsibility. The purpose of this article is to quickly review a practice that is fairly common among companies, institutions and organizations, and in some cases, basically mandatory. You can turn this practice into an environmentally friendly policy that will add up to the perceived value of your services. This practice in particular is document shredding.

Protecting data confidentiality

Shredding documents and other papers with confidential information is fundamental for a company or institution's safety and reliability. Any organization is supposed to protect personal data from its customers, employees and other people involved with its activities. Also, the company's own information, like its finances and corporate planes, should be shrouded as well from the eyes of the competition or even the public. Most of this information is printed on paper sooner or later, and filed. These papers need to be destroyed at some point, in order to prevent data theft.

Proper destruction of documents always means shredding those papers with very potent machinery. There are domestic shredders for sale, but they are impractical to process the large amounts of documents a company produces, and some of them won't even shred papers in pieces small enough to prevent thieves from reassembling them and recovering confidential information. Shredding papers by hand will be even less effective, because the bigger pieces will make it even easier for data thieves to do their thing.

So it seems to be that the only actual solution to this problem is to hire a shredding service. Many companies offer to do this kind of job because there is a high demand, so no matter where you are in the UK, you will find a couple shredding companies to choose from.

Now, isn't working with a shredding company a bit of a hassle, anyway? You need to take some time of your day to load up tons fo papers onto a fleet, transfer them safely to the shredding company's plant, and get it processed. Depending on the amount of documentation your business produces, you might have to do this several times a month. And the company will charge a variable fee for its services. So is it really worth it to do all this work and spend this money? 

As a matter of fact, it can be less expensive and bothersome than you think. You just need to know who to call.

Shredding services in Kent

There is a great company called Shred First that offers shredding services in the Kent area, with an innovative design that will make the whole process much easier for you. Shred First will do all the heavy work for you, and you practically have nothing left to do but to benefit from their services.

Instead of taking documents to a shredding plant, you will have one or more paper bins at your offices provided by Shred First. You will use those bins to dispose of all documents and other papers you want to be destroyed. Periodically or upon request, a vehicle of Shred First will come and pick up the bins, and replace them with empty ones. Then, they will take them to their shredding plant, so you don't have to mind at all.

What's also great about Shred First is that they recycle 100% of all the paper they destroy, so by using their services you can claim to be a greener business or institution for recycling your paper waste. This sort of corporate responsibilitiy will give you many benefits, so you should consider it.

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