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Individual Responsibilities to Protecting the Environment

Environmental conservation starts with the individual

The topic of environmental conservation and maintenance has been party to much debate over many years but these talks have so far yielded little to no action. On the part of the leading nations who have a platform to lead the globe on such major issues, the case is the same: a lot of talk, a lot of policies agreed upon but no one lives up to the agreed pact in question.

With this in mind, it is imperative that we realize the way to achieve a sustainable and healthy environment begins largely at the individual level. More resources and drive by governments, educational institutions as well as major key stakeholders in the environment is needed in order to ensure the information pertaining to this matter is well reached by the populace. This is a major step in ensuring the matter doesn’t remain a topic of discussion any longer but subject to real action.

Protecting the Environment

The protection and proper maintenance of the environment boils down to a single term that is environmental sustainability. In the broadest of senses, it has quite a number of definitions but they too can all be compressed into a single statement; the capacity to provide for the current ecological needs on a global scale without affecting or compromising the capacity of the coming generations to do so as well in their time. Simply put, the planet we live in should be well maintained at all times in order to ensure the coming generations always have a place to live in and not a damaged environment that struggles to support the needs of those living and are to live on it.

That all may sound heavy but it doesn’t change the fact that it is a truth. The rate at which resources are being used up raises a lot of warning bells as to how dire the situation may come to be if we don’t change our ways. We can even at this moment see how damaging the environment has affected the ecosystem all the way to the weather patterns and how we perceive the different seasons. It is high time we all step up and take charge of maintaining the environment.

What steps can we take towards protecting and sustaining the environment?

In keeping true to the needed efforts and actions necessary to protect the environment, here are a few things you as an individual can do to help alleviate the situation:

1.    The three Rs

Some people may already be familiar with this concept but let’s describe it a little here; the three Rs are Recycling, Reusing and Reducing.




Reducing essentially means you need to lower your consumption of new products that affect the environment since this goes a long way in reducing the subsequent waste introduced to the environment. Reusing insists on the fact that you should opt for products that can be made use of a number of times so as to keep the creation of waste in check. Recycling means that waste isn’t just haphazardly introduced to the environment causing pollution. Instead the waste should be recycled into new products for consumption again.

2.    Going into the habit of using alternative fuels

A very major factor in the struggle to keep the environment going is the use of alternative fuels. There are now a number of alternatives for fuel however their absorption into the population remains low which isn’t a good sign. Better awareness needs to be rendered on this topic especially to motorists who aren’t aware of clean energy systems for their cars which go a long way in the fight to curb vehicle gas emissions.

3.    Lowering your carbon footprint

The emission of green-house gases has been seen to severely impact the environment and as such, steps to combat this problem very much need to be implemented so as to curb some of their negative impacts most notably in order to tackle climate change which has seen weather and climate patterns change drastically for the worse.

Here are some ways to help achieve this point:
1. Implementing the use of solar as a main means of energy supply.
2. Adopting the use of energy saving light bulbs and other light sources around your home.
3. Installing a clean energy system in your automobile instead of always using diesel and petrol power which produce a massive amount of greenhouse gases.
4. Getting rid of plastic usage since that material is non-biodegradable and just pollutes the environment when introduced to it.

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