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Can We Reverse the effects of climate change for environmental justice?

Factors that have influenced climate change

Environmental justice…something not many people are aware of. That is because despite the many warning signs nature continues to give us, many of us still ignore them. Climate change has been an occurrence that has been going on ever since the start of the industrial revolution.
With the large number of industries that have since then come up and joined the fray of polluting the environment with toxic gaseous as well as liquid and solid wastes, the damage the environment has been suffering has and still remains astronomical. In this piece we’ll look at some of the aspects that have led to this situation, their effects and possible scenarios to help remedy this dire state of affairs.

Some factors that have played a part in climate change

1. Emissions form petrol and diesel powered manufacturing plants as well as vehicles.
2. The rapid cutting down of trees and destruction of other forestry.
3. The loss of said plant life above has led to higher rates of soil erosion.
4. Toxic substances being leaked into the earth as well as the oceans.

Some of the negative climate change occurring

The emissions mentioned above have been a played a major factor in the damage to the ozone layer which in essence insulated the earth’s surface from most of the sun’s radiation, as such the global temperatures have risen.
The destruction of forests and other greenery has destroyed many of the previously occurring water catchment areas. As such, some areas are now experiencing limited to no rainfall and others have started experiencing a full out water shortage crisis.
The occurrence of soil erosion leads to creation of arid areas and the soil can be carried around very great distances from their origin point ergo negatively impacting the topography of the new are they settle in.
Introduction of toxic substances to the environment, the seas and oceans in particular have greatly impacted marine life. Some species have started dying off and are nearing extinction and as a whole, the process is messing up the earth’s eco-system balance.
The warmer temperatures have also led to some never before seen things happening around the world:
-    The temperature of the oceans are gradually rising to unseen temperatures.
-    The snow caps on either poles of the globe are rapidly shrinking as they’re being melted away due to the temperatures. Snow and ice cover on even some of the tallest mountains globally has dropped at alarming rates.
-    The rapid melting of the snow caps and other glacial areas has led to the rapid rise in sea and ocean levels.

Steps being taken to alleviate climate change

Some countries are in the process of legislating new emission rules for vehicles. This means that vehicle manufacturers will have to ensure their product’s emission are within certain rates or if they entirely have to rely on vehicles powered by clean fuel.

1. The encouraged absorption of new and emerging technologies that will lower and eventually do away with pollution to the environment.

2. Educating the public on ways to lower their carbon footprint as well as minimizing waste. They include:
-    Switching to energy saving light sources around the house.
-    Adopting the use of solar as a means of energy supply.
-    Fitting your vehicle with a clean fuel consumption system.
-    Opting for public transport or walking or cycling to get around instead of always driving. This lowers the emissions being produced.

Many environmentalists groups have been active for quite a long time and still remain vocal in the fight to repair the damage incurred by the environment as a result of our actions but little attention and support has gone their way. The last few years however has seen a change in that stance though with more and more people paying attention as a result of the now very visible and obvious negative impacts we’re experiencing on a global scale as a result of climate change.

The fight to finally end the damage being dealt to the environment will be a long and hard one but at this point it is worth lauding the efforts now being set in place. Global leaders are coming together to come up with measures to ensure the fight goes strong and that none of them back down.

Still, will the efforts now being put in prove a little too late or not? Time will tell. Important is that we as individuals need to be aware of our actions and how they impact the environment. We need to do as much as we can to protect the environment.

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