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An Introduction to Climate Change

Climate Change is not a single occurrence but a complex set of inter-related events at both macro and micro levels, and while different scientists and environmentalists have come up with different definitions for the same, its most generic description is the gradual change of weather patterns over a prolonged duration of time. While some attribute the present global climate change occurrence patterns to the issue of global warming, the concept cannot be simplified down to this, as there are a large number of biotic, abiotic and geological forces at play here.

Causes of Climate Change

A number of major and minor causes can be attributed towards the phenomenon of climate change that has gripped the attention of world leaders, environmentalists, scientists and researchers alike today. The most important causes are listed as follows:-

1.     Natural and Inevitable Changes in the Earth’s Geographical Spheres- the atmosphere, hydrosphere (which includes the cryosphere- the ice component), lithosphere and biosphere over millions of year.

2.     Ocean current pattern changes that directly affect the weather conditions in the given geographical area.

3.     The Carbon Cycle, Water Cycle and Ecological Pyramids

4.     Changes in Orbit pattern of the earth

5.     Variation in influx of solar energy on earth

6.     Drifting and redistribution of tectonic plates

7.     Volcanic Activity

8.     Human-induced changes like burning of fossil fuels, air pollutions, CFC emissions that lead to ozone depletion and global warming.

NASA Expert Assessment Report on Climate Change in the Arctic Region

As the Arctic Region houses over sixty percent of glacial deposits and ice sheets in the world, researchers from several countries have been monitoring the climate change in this region, and the potential threats associated with the same. A specialized team of geologists and climate change experts from NASA have been closely monitoring the Arctic changes this summer, and have come to the conclusion that the ice content of the sea will soon come down to a mere fifteen percent, which is the lower threshold limit for this area. Not only will this invariably affect the flora and fauna in the area, it will also have catastrophic effects on ocean currents, buy raising the ocean levels to an all time high.

Latest Climate Change News

Based on recent news reports from the US, there has been a lot of hue and cry about President Obama’s stance over climate change, and a lot of politicians and industrialists have been lobbying against the President’s initiatives to ratify a global treaty with stricter regulations against global warming. Although there are several environmentalist groups and climate change experts who are ready to welcome this decision, most people feel that these regulations would have a crushing effect on business and industries, bring down the rate of commercialization and industrialization, and eventually bring down the already fragile economy. There are heated debates and discussions going on about the same.

Expert Comments on Climate Change

The Fifth Assessment Report on Climate Change has been releases by IPCC recently. As per the panel experts, it is time to find viable and practical measures that aim at tackling climate change without adversely affecting economic growth.




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